Wednesday, February 08, 2006

About time, timing and timelessness

"Long time, no see": if my blog had a voice, surely this would be the comment at the end of the post. Time has indeed "flown" since I last posted something, in fact a new year has started too. The days gone by, indeed, and I wonder, has there been a change in the meantime? Something that strikes out perhaps? Or does everything in our lives seem to follow its predestined path...?

For people that got married or for children that were born in the cold winter days of our northern hemisphere, surely there has been a change. But what about the rest? Considering that the commonly referred to as "landmark" events occur rather infrequently, the majority of people tend not to detect astonishing events in a random two month period. Still, for the majority of us who lead modern highly complicated lives, time is crucial. Still, no matter how much we stress, time is never enough. If time is important, why is that we let it go by without experiencing something more profound rather than stress?

It seems obvious that the energy we spend on a daily basis to accomplish what is "to be accomplished" is worthless, since few events/incidents "make it" to (our) timelessness after all. Added to that is the fact that our lifestyle is seldom satisfying, as this is to be observed in the "monday morning syndrome": one that affects an increasing amount of people. In our vain efforts to achieve the "perfect timing", we voluntarily sacrifice our time, as if though the days gone by were gone only temporarily. For those who frown upon this description, considering their lives gratifying as they are, congratulations! But for the rest, for all those who glance with terror at the sight of a birthdaycake, unable to believe how another year has gone by, how about lowering the standards of what "makes it" to the memory, of what deserves to be remembered? Or perhaps, what about incorpotating some lifestyle-change clauses in the new year's resolution?

It is only february. There is still time.

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