Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's been a year...

that you are not among us. Difficult to believe, difficult to realize that we will never see you again. We convince ourselves that you are somewhere around, hiding or too busy -just like you were in real life, trying to make other people's lives better.

So you would ask me, 'what am I am missing'? Not much, nothing too good has happened around here or in the world really that I can think of. More casualties in Iraq and elsewhere, a war in Lebanon over the summer, more deaths of diseases, earthquakes and catastrophes. Presidents go up, others stepping down, but politics are still very messy. Hamas in Palestine, Prodi in Italy. García in Peru, Ortega in Nicaragua, Correa in Ecuador, Chavez next week again? South America is becoming more lefty by the day. The Iraq is mess- the civil war is a matter of time, so they say. Pinochet admitted political responsibility for what happened during the dictatorship: does this bring people back? I don't think so.

Good news? I have to google. ETA ceasefire in Spain. Rumsfeld stepped down. Definitely good news. In our neighborhood, the Balkans, Montenegro declared independence from Serbia. Your Bulgaria is closer to my Greece on corruption: you are 57 we are 54! Keep it up! Oo how did I forget? Yunus, the microfinance guru got the Economics Nobel Prize! You remember my hate/hate relationship with econ[omics].. but you would have greatly appreciated that, I am sure. I do too.

We have not had snow yet around here. Can you believe it? It's December and not a single snowflake. Yes, we have messed up the environment too. But let's say, for a change, I want to believe is our good fortune... don't ruin my dream please! Let us hope that 'spring' will be as good as 'fall' or at least not that bad as '03 or '04! Deval (D) got elected here as Governor.. A change after so many years! Our president is still doing the marathon, dewick has gotten extended by yet another one (it is something crazy like 8.30 on 9 on fridays now-wow!). Most of our people are no longer here of course... but for me is the good same december days now...

Verdammte broadway.

We miss you. Everyone that was fortunate to get to know you.

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