Sunday, December 04, 2005

On people...

We, human creatures, are very selfish: we don't feel grief unless it touches us, we are not grateful for what we have unless we lose it, we worship ourselves leaving everyone else that is not friend or family out (sometimes, sadly there is no room even for them in the bubble we have created for ourselves). I do not intend to delve further into this reality nor do I pretend to be a moralist. Still, I cannot help but observe how day by day we the people of the western world converge precisely towards that one single dominant "human model". Interestingly, right now, I hear a commercial on radio which advertises a website that, supposedly, is going to help us organize our "shopping". hahaha. We thought that with shopping we would solve "the family-holiday-burden": what an irony huh? Another commercial: "lighting boosts the Christmas spirit". Cynically i cannot but observe that the Christmas spirit is not powerful itself, it actually needs some assistance.

The commercials are now over, now we listen the Christmas songs, whose spirit we, by the way, embody right? Sarcasm on the side, I can see that there are exceptions, I do not intend to generalize. Hopefully i will be proven wrong by all the people that are out there and I just cant see them. Hopefully what seems as a "one-way road: you follow me or you perish" does not exist in reality, it just seems so. Bory, you, surely, would have been one of such people, you would have made the difference.

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