Saturday, December 03, 2005

If orange juice had a soul and a voice what would it tell you?

This obscene title is the best way for me to introduce something that happened yesterday, as I was riding the bus, yes the bus nothing to do with food here! It was late Friday afternoon and the bus/shuttle, was PACKED, and i was the last person that "made it". Riding a bus can be a somehow diverse experience. It is one thing to ride the bus sitting on a seat behind the driver, and another to be pushed against the door with no space to move or breathe. I am sure this is no news, I am sure so many of us have been through that before.

So the orange juice experience comes when the lovely driver of the shuttle, without any warning, decides to drop the "content" of the bus two blocks before the anticipated/established shuttle station. No sooner do the doors open and i find myself "dropping" (falling down). The fact that I was carrying groceries with my left hand contributed too, as I had this extra weight which prevented me from taking any action. So wanna know want happened? I did not fall down, because instinctively with my right hand I grabbed the arm of a girl that was very close, and we both "dropped" (or were dropped of) the bus, LIKE the first drops of any liquid in your Tropicana (or Amita) orange juice container.

Lesson #1: Be kind to whatever you drink, the way down to the glass was not an easy thing for the first guys!

Lesson #2: It is at moments like that, that you realize what it means "to be in the shoes of others". Good thing for those claim knowledge of so many things they have never really tried!

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